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Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Assalam oalaikum,

In Islam, spiritual healing can be done only with the help of Quranic verses and the prayers mentioned in the ahadith. The techniques may differ from each other but all of them have to be based entirely on the Quranic verses or the ahadith. For example: A man consults a Muslim spiritual healer to cure some ailment. The spiritual healer may give him an amulet or taweez to wear, which will have Quranic verses written on it. If the same man goes to some other Muslim spiritual healer then maybe he would give him some Quranic verses written on a piece of white paper in saffron. The man would be advised to soak a piece of paper in water and drink it daily. Some other Muslim spiritual healer may give the man a paper with the required Quranic verses and ask him to make a frame and hang it on a wall in his house. So whereas the techniques of spiritual healing may be differ according to the needs and the situation but the base will be the Quran and the hadith only.

Broadly speaking, there are 4 types of ailments which can be successfully cured with the help of Islamic spiritual healing:

Physical ailments
Psychological ailments
Evil eye
Black magic

As far as the first problem is concerned there is enough evidence in the ahadith to prove that spiritual healing can do wonders to cure physical ailments.

Narrated Hazrat Ayesha (ra) ‘When Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) was ill he would recite Al-Mu’awwidhatayn (Quranic verses: 113 &114) over himself and spit dryly. When his pain grew intense I recited over him and wiped him with his own hand, seeking its barakah (blessing’. (Bukhari: 4728 & Muslim: 2192)

Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) said, ‘Fatihatul Kitab contains healing for every disease. (Tirmithi)

The above mentioned ahadith show that spiritual healing with the Holy Quran is beneficial in alleviating physical pain. In fact, Surah Fateha has been described by our beloved Prophet (pbuh) as a healing verse for every disease.

As far as the psychological ailments such as grief, anxiety, depression etc are concerned, one of the ways of curing them has been mentioned in the Saheeh hadith from Ibn Masood (ra), which says: ‘There is no one who is afflicted with grief and distress and says , ‘O Allah! I am your slave, son of your slave; son of your maidservant, my forelock is in Your Hand, Your Command over me is forever executed and Your decree over me is just. I ask You which You have named Yourself with, or revealed in Your Book or You taught to any of Your creation or You have preserved in the knowledge of the Unseen with you that You make the Quran the light of my heart and the light of my breast and a departure for my sorrow and a release for my anxiety, but Allah will take away his distress and grief and replace it with joy.

Now let us come to the 3rd point, i.e. evil eye. Islamic spiritual healing is successful in warding off the negative effects of evil eye. The meaning of evil eye is that the gaze of the envious people is poisonous and it can cause much harm, injury, illness and even death of those whom it penetrates. When an envious person gazes at the object of his envy, negative energies emanate from his or her eyes and they cling on to the object of envy, till they have almost destroyed it.  There are many ahadith which prove that Islamic spiritual healing can help us cure the problem of evil eye.
Holy Prophet (pbuh) said, ‘The evil eye is real and if anything could overtake the Divine Decree (Al-Qadar), it would be the evil eye’. (Muslim 2188)
 It was narrated that Hazrat Ayesha (ra) said, ‘The Messenger of Allah (pbuh) commanded me or he commanded the people to use Ruqyah to deal with the evil eye’.(Narrated by Al-Bukhari, Al-Tibb: 5297)

Coming to the last point, i.e. black magic, spiritual healing is the only cure for it as no doctor or psychologist can diagnose it, not to speak of curing it.
‘Narrated Abu Said al-Khudri, ‘The Prophet (pbuh) used to seek protection against the jinn and the evil eye till Surah Naas and Surah Falaq were revealed. After they were revealed he stuck to them and discarded everything else besides them.’ (Transmitted by Tirmidhi)

I will conclude this post by highlighting the main points once again:
Spiritual healing techniques in Islam may differ but they have to be based entirely on the Quranic verses or the traditions of the Prophet (pbuh), in order to be successful.
A pious Muslim spiritual healer can cure a vast array of ailments such as physical and emotional pain and also evil eye and black magic with the help of the Quran and the ahadith.

remember me in your prayers
amel soname

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